ArtsRutherford - Art by Alan Rutherford, his writing and opinions
portrait of artist Alan Rutherford

Alan Rutherford

I’ve been painting and drawing for most of my life. Art was my first means of expression and still is my first means of expression. Every piece of work that I produce must meet certain quality standards. You the public dictate these standards to me. I believe that what you really want is well executed, intelligently thought out pieces of creativity that either help express how you feel about the world or how you would like to see the world. You are the type of person that wants to put on your walls something that tells others what you value. The following gives you a simple explanation of the site and how you might express yourself with the statements on your walls.

Artsrutherford was created to meet the needs of my present and future clients. If you are a person that wants to explore your imagination and question so called reality then I would suggest visiting the surrealist part of the site. There you will find pieces of work created with much thought and craftsmanship in their execution. Some of these pieces however are not “Surrealism” but a genre that I created called “Philoism” just look under the “Philoism Definition” tab for a full explanation. The reason I placed these pieces under the surrealism tab is because they have a visual resemblance to surrealism but differ due to their narrative and philosophical nature.

Safe opening with "I" building blocks tumbling out.

“I Opener” Philoism

Are you having a hard day and want to escape for a while, to a place of solitude to clear your mind? Might I suggest taking a walk through the landscape gallery? There you will find visual excursions to Algonquin Park, and the Rouge Valley among others. All pieces are fairly detailed executed in Oils, Pastels, Acrylics and watercolors. Sit by a stream or bubbling brook and daydream for a while. A piece of nature depicted like one of these scenes is perfect for a busy office, to soothe those hustle bustling days that we all have. Life is too short not to take a little respite once in a while.
Trail through the woods in Algonquin Park

“A Lighter Path” Pastel 18″ x 24″ Algonquin Park Canada

The flower gallery is ever growing yet never dieing and they don’t even need water! Flowers are to my mind genuine living sculptures that soothe the eyes with their velvet petals. I hope you like the selection I have for you, if you have any requests just let me know flowers have and always will be a passion of mine. Often times there are no words necessary just say it with flowers.

picture of pansies

“Passion” Pastel Painting Limited Edition Print

Whatever your art needs are if you are looking for originals or high quality prints I’m sure I have something that will suit your needs. Payment plans can be worked out, so come on spoil yourself a little you deserve it! By all means drop me a line and let me know what you are thinking of and also what you think of the site. Welcome!